CD Projekt Confirms The Witcher II Console Plans

Tomasz Gop of CD Projekt RED has partly-confirmed console plans for their upcoming PC title, The Witcher II: Assassins of Kings.

While Gop said that the console version of the game has not gone into production yet, but when and if it does, it "won't look like crap".

According to PS3site, CD Projekt's Michael Kicinski confirmed a console version of the game on a Polish television show. However, Gop has stated that the developer will wait until the PC version's is released to start any production on console versions.

Gop, speaking with Eurogamer, stated,
“Production wise – coordination and scheduling and budgeting – this is a new project for us. But it’s not going to be a completely different game: it’s going to be the same storyline and everything."

“I can already promise you that if we’re going to do this on consoles it’s not going to look like crap, definitely.

“We’re definitely not a team that can do multiple projects at the same time. We’re warily not doing it this way because it might compromise the quality of the first PC release.”

“So no, no no no, we are not in full-scale development on the console version of the Witcher 2 right now. There were tests like a proof of concept, so we at least know that it’s doable, possible. But we are not fully producing the game right now. Nuh-uh.”

Gop added: “After we release The Witcher 2 on PC we just sit down with Excel or Project and make schedules, make plans. Then we will be totally glad to announce what is coming out; we know what team we have, what capacity we have, but we still have to plan out the amount of work. Then we will tell the world what we plan to do and ‘it will be that day of release’, potentially.”
The Witcher II is out on May 17 for the PC worldwide.