Bethesda: New Vegas DLC Rumors False

If you remember correctly, we told you yesterday that there was a rumor floating around stating that Bethesda was set to release some more DLC for Fallout: New Vegas.

Bumsville for you however, Bethesda says those claims are false.

The rumor suggested that two upcoming DLC packs for New Vegas, "Honest Hearts" and "Old Bones" would be releasing on March 22 and April 26 respectively.

Bethesda has stated that these dates are incorrect but they will be dishing some new details on New Vegas in the very near future.
“That information is incorrect and further details on the New Vegas DLC will be revealed soon."
New Vegas has only seen one bit of DLC since its release in "Dead Money" which released back in Christmas on the 360 and last month on the PS3 and PC.

Via VG247