Dragon Age II DLC To Focus On Hawke

According to BioWare, DLC for the upcoming sequel Dragon Age II will keep the focus on the game's main character, Hawke.

According to Dragon Age II lead designer, Mike Laidlaw, gamers can expect BioWare to support post-release content for DAII the same way the developer has supported its past titles, such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Mass Effect II.
We will be continuing to release content for Dragon Age II after launch, and I feel that weve learned some valuable lessons about what resonates with the players, said Laidlaw.

For instance, we intend to keep the focus on Hawke this time around; keeping your character consistent and progressing was a pretty key request we received from our player base, so were happy to deliver.
Dragon Age II is out on March 5 in the US and March 8 in the UK for the PS3, 360, and PC.

Via Games On Net