University Students Play Pokemon For Charity

In the wake of the tragic events in Japan, hundreds of relief efforts and chances to raise money have appeared across the internet. A group of students at Aberystwyth University, Wales, are running a live stream (right-now) for 4 days of non-stop Pokemon in return they ask for donations., is a website set up by students at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales (I also study there). The aim of the website is a 4-day stream of them playing Pokemon in an effort to raise money. Instead of just donating money to watch like traditional streams, you can donate to choose names for the Pokemon and characters in the game and a whole manner of other ways you can donate and change the game as they play. They will be playing through nearly all of the hand-held Pokemon titles in a bid to catch them all.

If you head over to the site now, you will see the stream is already up and running. Check the site for donation info and how to get involved. It is great to see efforts by gamers popping up all over the internet in a great bid to raise money for the relief work in Japan.

It is quite enjoyable to watch so i suggest you head over there now!