Xperia Play Content Will Need To Be Repurchased

Looking forward to playing all that great downloadable content from your PSN account on your new Xperia Play? Sorry, Sony wants you to pay for it again.

Any of the PSone titles or content you may have downloaded for your PS3 or PSP will not be available for re-download on the Xperia Play it was confirmed by Sony today. Although you will be able to download some PSone titles that can be played on the Xperia Play, you will not be able to transfer over existing purchases from the PSN store. Sony Ericsson UK boss Nathan Vautier told Gamespot that users,
will have to repurchase the games, so it's not totally integrated. I think the exciting thing is that there are games which people are very, very aware of
The phone launches in April, with a bunch of pre-loaded content to keep you happy, but the lost ability of being able to play games you already purchased is a bit of a kick in the balls for potential buyers.

One explanation would be that the titles need to be changed slightly to include touch screen features, whereas currently the titles you download from the PSN have no need for touch screen functionality. Has the now put you off buying one?