Driver: San Francisco Multiplayer Free Content

Ubisoft has announced new multiplayer free content and a game to web for Driver: San Francisco for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Multiplayer free content:
On September 15th, 12 new routes for all online modes will be made available for free.
Then, 1 new route will be made available every week for the next 10 weeks, for a total of 22, increasing the overall number of tracks by 30% in 2 months.

Driver Club:
Starting now, Driver San Francisco proposes an exclusive Games-to-Web / Community service called Driver Club that allows players to:
  • Unlock exclusive achievements

  • Find your stats and check the leaderboards

  • Showcase your film director clips

  • See and rate your friends’ clips

  • Review the Community facts

  • Follow your friends’ activities using the Driver Social feed

This website is accessible with a Uplay account.