Elite: Dangerous Beta 3 Initiates Final Countdown

Earlier this month, Frontier Developments released Beta 2 for Elite: Dangerous and then shortly after also revealed that the crowdfunded space-simulation MMO would be ready to take one large step for the game, and one giant leap for the gamers who are already in the beta. While Beta 2 brought a few new things, Beta 3 is about to put the game into supercruise with a myriad of new features that will help bridge the gap for full release which they still seem confident will come later this year. Some of the most awaited features will be making an appearance, such as the ability to own multiple ships as well as the current explorable areas being spread to a whopping 570 star systems which is still only a fraction of what they hope to have down the line. While the beta access may be too pricey for some, still sitting at $75.00, pre-ordering the game itself can get you this title for $50.00 as long as you're patient enough to wait to play until full release.

At the moment according to the twitter feed for Elite Dangerous there is not a current ETA for when Beta 3 will go live today, but the community interaction appears to be consistent as always and it does not appear that there will be any reason for delay. For returning players, it's also been stated that there will be another wipe going into Beta 3 however this time you at least get to keep the money you have.