Borderlands 2 Trailer Gets Analyzed!

We are all excited for Borderlands 2, there is no denying that. Thus we have broken down the teaser trailer released today to reveal some hidden goodness you might not have noticed the first time through.

Before we break it down, check out the video for yourself:

First up, the obvious, the trailer showcases Salvador the Gunzerker and his big meaty arms. But what else is going on here? Let us show you:

  • Snow - We are getting our first glimpse at changing seasons for Borderlands 2. Now that's not to say that there is an actual changing of seasons during play of Borderlands 2, but perhaps? Note how similar the snow capped mountains are to the ones covered in spring foliage.

  • The Guns - Recently details emerged about the guns of Borderlands 2. Among those details was the revelation that each manufacturer would have a certain aesthetic feel to their armament. In this trailer we see what appears to be a Torgue (over the top, powerful weapons) in Salvador's left hand and possibly a Dahl (guns we see today, in this case it appears to be an M240) in his right hand. Also you can kind of see how much weapon customization (which has been confirmed) is going on just by checking out his guns. He has tape holding down one scope and some fairly shotty iron-work holding together that bicycle wheel of a magazine.

  • Magic Weapons - Okay, maybe not magic but clearly something neat is going on here with that gun appearing out of thin air. No real word from Gearbox on what that's about however one can assume it has to do with the silver boxes below Salvador's arms that a blue light is emitting from. The reason one can draw this conclusion is because the gun also glows blue as it appears and Salvador reaches under his arm to reveal the weapon.

  • 3rd Person - This is highly unlikely but the presence of the magic gun might be a hint. Yes, the gun appearing from no where might just be fabricated for the trailer's sake but what if it's a real game mechanic? What if the tiny box does hold all your guns and a neat animation - like the one we see - reveals the gun? It seems obvious that a 3rd person view would display that animation much better, dont you think? Maybe Gearbox is taking a page from Bethesda and implementing 3rd and 1st person action into the sequel?

  • The End - We could talk about the blades of grass and how pretty it all looks but its just a teaser so its definitely not representative of the final product. So what do we leave you on? 2012, get excited folks. The best estimate would be for the game to drop sometime in the fall. Not only because the first game came out in August of 2009 but also because it's just good business sense to release around the holiday season.

Thanks for checking out our breakdown of the Borderlands 2 teaser trailer. Here's hoping there are more to come and hey, maybe we got a few right?