Dead Island Special Edition Revealed

Folks anxious to get their blood-thirsty hands on Dead Island should be happy to hear a special edition, available only through pre-order with Gamestop, of Dead Island includes some pretty sweet additions like DLC and concept art.

The Dead Island™ Special Edition, available exclusively for early preorder customers at GameStop, will include the game and offer the upcoming Bloodbath Arena DLC. A $10 value, the Bloodbath Arena pack features single and multiplayer challenges in four different arenas. It’s a pure fight for survival when wave after wave of deadly zombie attacks, one more gruesome than the next! Characters can also gain additional experience points and items and bring them over to their single or multiplayer campaigns. What’s more, players can show off their skills in zombie fighting via the Bloodbath Arena’s Leaderboards. Finally, Bloodbath Arena includes a new exclusive weapon, the brain wave bomb, to ensure some highly explosive combat experiences. The Bloodbath Arena DLC package will be available for download shortly after launch. In addition to the Bloodbath Arena DLC, the Dead Island Special Edition will sport an exclusive piece of cover art and the blueprint for a special weapon, called the "Ripper": A destructive combination of a baseball bat and a buzz saw that leaves attacking zombies battered and bleeding to death. Only players who pre-ordered this edition of the game will be able to craft this unique weapon and share it with friends.

For those living under a rock Dead Island is a highly anticipated zombie title with RPG elements set on an island filled with, you guessed it, the dead... or un-dead. Or is it living dead? Ah who the hell cares, its zombies! The first-person game with lots of melee and lots of customization is scheduled for release on August 1st for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.