Handygames Announces Skydrift

Warm up your engines, ready your machine guns, arm your rockets, and get in the cockpit because Skydrift Infinity is about to destroy some friendships! Blow your Friends and your Foes out of the skies!

Skydrift Infinity is an action-packed arcade racer focusing on the experience of flying alone or with others, in a light, quick, fast-paced, air-combat style. During the various game modes, you can partake in death-matches and armed races as well as other armed competitions, using modern aircraft, which are tuned to the max, with extreme weapons. Your goal is simple: if you can't beat them, shoot them!

Skydrift Infinity has the power to be one of the best and most entertaining couch coop racers. With a focus on the 3D aspect of dog-fighting air races, the game is far superior to any known "party-racers" like ... you know what. It also addresses a target audience who grew up with the Italian plumber's racer but has outgrown that and likes the more grown-up action arcade approach.

About Skydrift Infinity:

Get closer than ever before to the world of adrenaline-pumping sky-racing where fly-boys can test and master their flying and combat skills against the deadliest opponents!
Admire amazingly detailed terrains. Choose state-of-the-art planes, personalize them with unique racing skins, and fight.

Let off a sharp burst and then turn away, roll over, spin 'round to come in behind your opponents - move to their blindsides and fire again!


Eight Modern Planes to Fly: Choose from eight modern, state-of-the-art aircraft turned into killing machines, each with four different skins for a total of 32 unique racing skins.

Six Power-ups: Capture up to two different powers in your plane’s arsenal, then collect upgrades to increase the strength of those existing powers. Strategy becomes key as you must choose which powers to keep, which ones to upgrade, and which ones to convert into Boost energy

Stunning Visuals: Race through scenic venues like the Grand Canyon, Alaskan Terrain, and the Hawaiian Islands, created with beautiful, vibrant colors.

8-person Multiplayer: Take your friends down online in a fast and furious battle.

Three Unique Game Modes: Power Race Mode is high-speed racing paired with power-ups; Speed Race Mode where players navigate the course through ring targets that accelerate plane speed and Survival Mode where pilots race against the countdown clock and each other.

Split-screen mode: For your local multiplayer action!