Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode

Announced earlier in the year, Microsoft-owned Mojang and Telltale games have shown off their upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode at the annual MINECON conference in London. The spin-off will be a linear narrative-based adventure developed by Telltale in its customary style and will come as five separate episodes. It’s a long way from the original Minecraft – an epic free-form cultural phenomenon based on procedural generation, crafting and even modding. “Adventure pack” mods have long been popular on the PC, and so Telltale’s new episodic offering contrasts somewhat awkwardly with a game known for its wide scope.

The new Story Mode game seems to play a similar role to a television cartoon: episodic, character-based, heavily scripted, aimed at a younger audience and for all intents and purposes a giant, cynical cash-in. Telltale will remember that. You can check out the trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode below.