First DLC Characters Revealed For Mortal Kombat

The latest issue of Gamepro quells fan curiosity and feeds excitement with a page dedicated to the first batch of DLC characters.

The three combatants in the pack will be:

- Kintaro: A four-armed Shokan warrior who serves the emperor Shao Khan; Kintaro is quite recognizable as the sub-boss from MK2. He's bigger and badder than before (apparently) and is a little pissed off about the death of his brethren Goku. Boohoo, cry me a river Kintaro! What's that you weigh the same as three adult it too late to take it back?

- Lady In Red:
First DLC Characters Revealed For Mortal Kombat
Revealed as Skarlett, the Lady In Red has been a rumoured character since MK2. She always carries her throwing knives and is yet another skimpily clad beauty with a nasty side.

- Kenshi: The blind swordsman was first introduced in MK Deadly Alliance. Kenshi is a noble warrior who was tricked and then blinded by the sorcerer Shang Tsung. Kenshi has grown to be quite the fan favourite as most blind swordsmen tend to.

There's your first 3 DLC characters! We have no pricing yet, but regardless I must ask; why could they not just be part of the launch roster? Another example of DLC going overboard - it's a money grabbers dream!

First DLC Characters Revealed For Mortal Kombat

Via: Hadoken