A.V.A. Gets New Weapons And An Extra Map!

The 'modern' online FPS Alliance of Valiant Arms gets even more content added to start off the new year. A new map called Township that can be downloaded now for free, and a bunch of extra weapons are being added to the mix.

This Annihilation Mode map pits teams of EU and NRF soldiers against each other as they battle throughout a refugee camp located in the outskirts of Musina, Republic of South Africa.

The new weapons list looks like this:

SR 2M Veresk - Compact, lightweight and reliable, this Russian made submachine gun delivers intense firepower at close range.

Mosin Nagant - Designed as a bolt-action military sniper rifle, this high-powered weapon is used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and among other nations.

Bizon Arachne -An advanced model of the PP-19, this submachine gun enables stable and swift operation with an enhanced gas-operated mechanism.

Boa Kukri - By using modern materials, this deadly melee weapon retains the design of more traditional combat knives while enhancing its overall functionality.

Check out the trailer that showcases the new map, Township: