The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D review
Chris Capel


Greatest game ever gets a handheld revamp

Go find the 8 units Link to save her! (cntd)

Granted there is some frustration in a couple of the dungeons as it can be quite easy to get lost, but the worst has actually been made bearable. Yes, Iím talking about the infamous Water Temple. By making the Iron Boots (which allow you to sink to the bottom at will) available on the touch-screen and adding lights to guide you towards the switches that change the water level, remake developer Grezzo has turned a dungeon that made many people give up on the game into a doable challenge.

What makes these dungeons (in most Zeldaís but particularly Ocarina of Time) great is that every one is unique. Thereís always a new item to find which will completely change how you handle the dungeon (before being finally put to the test against a boss), and even then each has its own monsters and gimmicks. There are enough ideas here to fuel a hundred games, as well as tons of secrets to uncover and the fantastic bosses to end with.

I am Error

For the most part I have just described Ocarina of Time Ė what does it have to offer gamers who have already played the game several times? Well, Iíve already mentioned how the Water Temple has been fixed, and frankly for anyone whoís played it that should be reason enough to pick the remake up. And Grezzo havenít left it at that.

The only problem with playing the original version now is that the once-majestic visuals now look utterly hideous. Blocky, low-textured, badly animated; all the hallmarks of an early 3D game. This new 3DS version corrects all that. Textures are higher, character models are much more detailed and better animated, and in fact barring a few sharp landscape textures this game couldíve been released yesterday. In some areas I actually prefer the way it looks to Twilight Princess, like Link himself for example.

The 3D effect has been utilized well, with every bomb chuck looking like itís actually going off into the distance and every ride on Epona having a seeable destination. This is the first game on 3DS which I actually prefer with the 3D on. It does however make the gyro aiming a bit difficult, which is otherwise fun and accurate actually moving the handheld to shoot. It works perfectly, although is only really practical at home Ė otherwise traditional analogue aiming can be used too.

Excuse me, Princess

So it is one of the best games ever given a graphical update to a console that is perfectly suited to it. Is there anything actually wrong that could stop Ocarina of Time 3D from getting a 10? Yes, just about. In terms of story and writing, the first 3D Zelda was the last to not put much attention into these things. Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, even Majoraís Mask had better stories than Ocarina of Time, which boils down to a retread of Link To The Pastís simplistic story of young boy having to find important things then taking on big evil guy. Oh well, simple as it is you never want to give up on it, and Iíd rather have a simple story that entertains me than a huge sprawling epic that doesnít (Iím looking at you Oblivion).

My only other complaint unique to the 3DS version (sort of) is that while the graphics have been souped-up, the audio has been paid no attention whatsoever. It is testament to how great it was in the first place, but it is still disappointing that nothing at all has been done to improve this area.

Nevertheless, it is hard to really find fault with Ocarina of Time 3D. Some may balk at paying full-price for a decade-old game, but itís one thatís been lovingly updated to look as good as any other game and works perfectly on 3DS. Furthermore itís got the Master Quest (which changes the dungeons completely) and a Boss Challenge mode added in. It is most definitely worth the price Ė if Deus Ex was re-released using Unreal Engine 3 I would pay full price for that too. A must-have for any 3DS owner, for sure. Yes, Iím talking to you 3DS Owner Person. Buy it.


fun score


One of the greatest games ever made updated to look like a modern game with many improvements.


Audio hasnít received any improvement, story always was a bit simplistic.