EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Gaming Headset

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Gaming Headset


Now with Active Noise Cancellation

We had the opportunity to review the EPOS H3 Hybrid a little while ago and were impressed by the quality and design of the gaming headset. And while the H3PRO looks and performs almost identically, there are several subtle differences which give the H3PRO the edge over its predecessor.

Design and comfort

The review unit we received would best be described as racing green with gold trimmings. It seems that EPOS are becoming a little more adventurous with their choice of offerings – which in the past gave users the option of black or black. The H3PRO also has a white variation (known as Ghost White) that has grey padding and highlights and Sebring Black. As an Australian, I do like the green and gold styling – the national colours of Australia. Apart from the colours, the design of the H3 PRO is almost identical to the previous H3 model.

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Gaming Headset

The H3PRO is a similar size to the H3 and the H3 Hybrid. As a result, the starting size for the headset will fit younger gamers quite snuggly. Often, gaming headsets will fall off smaller heads, particularly wireless units because of the inbuilt controls – but the H3PRO has no such issue. Of course, the headset can be expanded to fit larger heads as well with the stainless steel and plastic sliders. The plastic notches on the inside of the sliders allows for a tactile feel as you slowly increase (or decrease) the size.

In previous reviews, I had previously mentioned my dismay at EPOS gaming headsets having a fixed swing mic that looked like some sort of antennae when not in use. The H3 Hybrid solved this by having a detachable mic, which was held in place magnetically. The H3PRO has followed suit with a similar magnetic swing mic. This allows the headset to be used for a range of uses without the mic sticking up in the air when not in use.

The left earcup houses the microphone and the inputs for the 3.5mm audio cable and type-C cable, as well as the power button. The right earcup contains a volume control dial, a Bluetooth button, and a new feature for EPOS gaming headsets – an ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) switch. The memory foam earcups do a wonderful job of keeping out the external noise as it is, but the ANC just takes the headset to the next level of noise cancellation.

The headset comes with memory foam earcups with soft felt lining. A leather look exterior gives the set a bit of style. The oval shaped earcups fit well around the ears, providing for minimal movement when you shift your head. Other headsets with round ear cups tend to move around more easily, but the H3PRO despite the added weight with the built-in audio components stay snug against the head.

The headband has a padded leather underside and a woven material covering on top. Personally, I’d have preferred a full leather headband, as that would be easier to keep clean. The woven material tends to attract more dust particles which can make the headset difficult to clean.

Connections and performance

The H3PRO Hybrid, as its name suggests, has several ways of connecting to a device. As a wireless headset, it can connect via the low latency USB dongle or via Bluetooth. I preferred the Bluetooth connection for most purposes, as it frees up a USB port, whilst still allowing quality audio.

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Gaming Headset

If you prefer a wired connection, the H3PRO has the option of a USB cable (which doubles as the charging cable) or braided cable with a 3.5mm audio jack. For those of you who also game on a console there is a console cable included. All these connection options give the headset added versatility, allowing gamers to use the headset for wirelessly connecting to a TV - to watch their favourite shows without annoying others in the house - or to a mobile device to take calls. Indeed, one of the awesome features is the ability to connect to both a PC and mobile phone at the same time, being able to take calls whilst being in game.

The wireless connections will give gamers a decent amount of time before a charge is required. When using the USB dongle, I got just over 25 hours before I needed to recharge the battery. With the ANC switched on, this dropped to around 15, which is more than sufficient for a Melbourne to Los Angeles flight. When connected via Bluetooth, the headset gave more than 35 hours use before requiring a recharge, but only around 20 hours with the Active Noise Cancellation turned on. Although this is far less than some other wireless headsets on the market, it is more than enough for most circumstances.

The performance of the H3PRO mirrors that of the H3 Hybrid. With the wireless connection, I was almost able to get from one end of the house to the other before I had interference and connection issues. But that is the limit of my problems with the headset. With the enclosed earcups and the ANC turned on, I was fully immersed in my games of choice. The directional drivers allow the sound to be pinpointed, so when playing games such as Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (insert link), I was easily able to determine where enemies were attacking from.

And when listening to music and watching TV, the audio was crisp and clear, with the dial on the right earcup providing for quick and simple access to the volume. As has been the case with other H3 models, the base volume starts quite low, so the volume does need to be turned up. The bass seems to have been improved slightly, although this might just be a side-effect of the ANC reducing outside noise further.

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Gaming Headset

The swinging boom microphone works well too, allowing for clear conversations to be had with your squad in your favourite online game or on Zoom calls with colleagues and the ability to mute simply by swinging the microphone upwards is convenient. And although the magnetically attached microphone is simple to detach, it still requires a decent amount of force to remove so there is little chance that you would accidentally knock it off during an important moment of a game or meeting.


The H3PRO Hybrid Closed Acoustic Wireless Gaming Headset is clearly a high-end device. With the multitude of connectivity options, the classic EPOS shape and superb audio and microphone, it performs like a high-end headset should. Not only does it perform well as a gaming headset on both PC and console, but it is also an amazing all-rounder with music and movies sounding crisp and clear. The addition of the ANC works wonders in cancelling out plane engines, the clickety-clack of trains or the hum of the air conditioning in an office environment. And with more people returning to travel after the last couple of years, the H3PRO Hybrid will fit the bill.

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