XTRFY Bungee B1

XTRFY Bungee B1


If you have ever been annoyed with your mouse cord getting stuck in the heat of the moment, Bungee B1 makes that problem go away for good.

Functionality over Gimmicks

XTRFY is a gaming gear developer that I like to keep an eye on - their products have the Nordic approach to design that generally appeals to me and they are designed with functionality in mind, rather than being loaded with lots of gimmicks. Their Bungee B1 follows these principles and does its job better than I’ve seen many of the competition do.

XTRFY Bungee B1 is a mouse cord holder. Anyone who uses corded mice knows that sometimes they get stuck underneath or between all the other stuff that you have on the table, or press against something just when you are trying to do something very precise on the screen - be it a headshot from 3 kilometres or pixel-level editing of a photo. Enter a good cord holder that raises the mouse cord above the table level and gives the mouse free movement without a chance of getting stuck with anything and a small part of your world just got a little bit brighter.

Almost perfect

Bungee B1 does its job excellently - its base is hefty enough to keep it in place (almost half a kilo, which surprised me when I took it out of its box). Combined with the rubber feet, the bungee will stay where you put it. The arm that holds the mouse cord is made of very flexible silicon that will never hinder the mouse movements. If you are a low-DPI player and use a large area for your mouse, it is possible that the cord hanging from the arm will still get in the way at some points, but anyone playing with small or medium mouse movement (high-DPI) should never encounter any problems.

The mouse cord is attached to the arm very solidly and it goes through the solid base, making sure that nothing will interrupt or spoil your performance and that your desk will look as tidy as possible.

With the basic functionality covered, the Bungee B1 does have some extras that may increase its value: hidden on the back side are four USB ports that can be used as long as you have the base’s own USB cord attached to your computer. However, the supplied cord - while it feels very reliable - is rather on the short side. It was almost too short to reach my desktop that I keep on the floor on the left side of my work desk. When the cord is attached, the base of the bungee is lit up with what one might call “XRTFY pale green” LEDs. Unfortunately, these lights kept on shining even after I turned my computer off, so - since I didn’t need the extra USB ports - I ended up pulling the cord altogether and settled on the thing that the bungee was primarily designed for.


Overall, the XTRFY Bungee B1 is a great product that does its basic job excellently. The extra USB ports may be useful for some users, but it should be noted that they are not very convenient to reach, being on the far side of the base. The bungee does take a little bit of desk space, but it is worth it if you have ever been annoyed with stuck mouse cords.

Score: 9.0