Roccat Taito mouse pad

Roccat Taito mouse pad


Roccat Taito Kingsize is the bigger version of the regular Taito mouse pad and an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great gaming mouse pad!

Taito at your fingertips

Roccat is known for their excellent gaming mice, but their product line also includes gaming keyboards and mouse pads. As everyone knows, a good mouse pad is almost as important for a serious gamer as the mouse itself, especially since a good mouse pad is likely to protect your mouse from the mouse-feet-wearing reality of a tabletop.

Roccat Taito (Finnish for skill) Kingsize is, as the name suggests, a huge mouse pad. The mouse pad is officially reported to be 455mm x 370mm in size, but our careful measurements revealed that the actual size is closer to 447 x 380mm, which shows a troubling inconsistency between the measurement tools at Roccat science labs and our offices.

Testing conditions

Roccat Taito mouse pad
We tested the mouse pads with several different mice and on different kinds of tabletops. In our scoring, we focussed our attention on the noise that the mice make as they move on the pad (result of friction) and the grip of the mouse mat onto the tabletop (stability). These observations totalled in our most important score: usability. In addition, we rated the look and feel of the mouse pads from our subjective points of view, attempting to give a representative score also on this front. In order to try out the headshot-capabilities of the pad, we played some of our favourite shooters, such as Mafia II and Crysis.

Kingsize on the testing table

The Taito Kingsize is advertised to possess such qualities as heat-treated nano pattern and improved axis-flow. According to Roccat, common fabric-surfaced mouse pads offer different degrees of friction for mouse movements in different directions, whereas Roccat Taito’s nano pattern ensures that the surface detail of the pad is symmetric and offers the same degree of friction to every direction. At the same time, the nano pattern should offer a very quiet surface for the mouse. Naturally, the first claim is a bit difficult to prove in normal gaming environments, but we can honestly praise the Taito for its quiet surface.

Roccat Taito mouse pad
The thin pad is sold rolled-up in a sturdy box and the pad is easy to roll up again for transportation and other needs when necessary – unfortunately, the box itself gets destroyed in the opening process. The great size of the pad is naturally aimed at gamers preferring low sensitivity mice and expansive mouse movements around the gaming table. Naturally, it also requires you to have rather a big table at your disposal. The rubberised bottom of the pad offers very firm grip on various kinds of tabletop materials.

Usability: We found the Taito to be a very nice mouse pad. The soft surface makes very little noise when you move a mouse on the surface. Taito lies solidly on the table surface and never slips even in the most hectic gaming sessions. The size of the Taito gives you a lot of room for manoeuvring, but smaller gaming tables are not good hosts for it. Our various gaming mice read the mouse pad perfectly and the shooter gaming sessions did not suffer from the lack of headshots, so there's nothing to complain about on this front either.

Look and feel: The fabric surface is very comfortable as said above, but some gamers may feel a little turned off by the big mTw logo that adorns it, especially if they are not fans of the gaming clan in question. The thinness of the pad also allows you to roll up a little bit of it for a wrist-rest if you were to wish to do that.

Our scores:
Smoothness: 9.5
Noise: 9
Stability: 10
Look & Feel: 8.5
Total: 9