Razer Death Adder Left Hand Edition

Razer Death Adder Left Hand Edition


Razer comes up with the first ever gaming mouse designed for left-handers. Based on the famous DeathAdder, it is sure to capture the hearts of all leftie gamers out there!

Razer to rescue left-handed gamers!

Razer Death Adder Left Hand Edition
Razer DeathAdder is definitely one of the most popular gaming mice in the world and it has gone through an update or two during its existence to keep up with the latest technology (most notably the update to 3500dpi from the older 1800dpi model). However, what we at HG got into our hands was not a technological upgrade, but an all to rare bow into the direction of all left-handed gamers out there. Indeed, it is the same latest-iteration Razer DeathAdder 3500dpi that was released last year but in a shell that is specifically designed for left-handed use.

Personally, when I started preparing for this review, I tried to learn to use the mouse self-handed. Like many left-handed people out there in the absence of left-handed mice, I've learned to use my mouse right-handed. Indeed, I've never before used a mouse left-handed until I got my hands on the DeathAdder. You can imagine me fumbling with the mouse controls in games like Dragon Age: Origins and Crysis etc. trying too learn the robes all over again. After a complete failure at this, I decided to review the qualities of this mouse as best I could without trying to game with it – for the benefit of those left-handers out there who may actually be using their mice left-handed.


The main features of the Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition are pretty much exactly the same as for the regular latest incarnation of the DeathAdder. These include five buttons, two of which are thumb buttons. All buttons are customisable, although I must say that with only 5 buttons to do this with, there's not a lot you can use this feature for (the basic 5 commands are pretty necessary and take up all the buttons). In addition, there's a profile switcher on the bottom of the mouse, on the right ride of the optical sensor. The top of the mouse is covered with rubbery non-slip surface while the sides are polished plastic. Here you will also see the familiar pulsating Razer logo that should entertain you nicely in the dark hours of the night.

Max. DPI: 3500
Max. Polling: 1000Hz
Buttons: 5 (5 programmable)
Form factor: left
Size in mm (lxwxh): 128 x 70 x 42.5 mm
Weight min/max: N/A
Price: $/€59.99 (yup, only the currency changes)
Inches per second: 60-120 (depends on polling rate)


Ergonomy here denotes the comfortability of the mouse when used, including its weight. The shape of Razer DeathAdder is perhaps one of the best I've encountered. It is suitable for both half-palm and fingertip control (too small for full-palm control unless you have small hands) and feels very comfortable in either control method. The non-slip rubber coating makes the mouse resistant to sweaty-palms syndrome. For all left-handed gamers out there who have used right-handed gaming mice with their left hand, this is like the Holy Grail of gaming mice.


Razer Death Adder Left Hand Edition
The Razer DeathAdder Left Hand Edition professes 5 buttons, all of which are designed for leftt-handed use – going with the shape of the mouse. The two thumb buttons are easy to find and tell apart and they emit a clear but soft sound to indicate that your click was registered. The main buttons give equally good response. The profile switcher at the bottom of the mouse is pretty difficult to reach and you will not be using alternative profiles for the same game for this reason (which might have helped with the limited number of buttons).


Razer's wheel buttons are widely regarded as the best wheel buttons around and this holds true also with this mouse. The rubbery tactile feel when you scroll the wheel and click it really lets you feel what you are doing. The wheel is easy to press and use as a middle button, giving a soft, but clear sound that your button press was received. However, Razer's buttons lack the sideways scrolling feature that is present in some other high-end gaming mice, which also comes handy in some situations.

Customisability and drivers

The Razer's drivers are personalised for each mouse model and the one for DeathAdder possess the familiar green/black design. The drivers allow you to adjust the X and Y axis sensitivity and pointer acceleration, double-click speed etc. separately. The setting also allow you to adjust the polling rate of the optical sensor between 125Hz/500Hz/1000Hz. Additionally, the DeathAdder drivers allow you to predetermine 5 different profiles with different settings for all the buttons, if you so wish. The fact that switching between these profiles necessitates you to pick up the mouse and click on a button at the bottom limits the use of this function, however. Razer DeathAdder also includes an on-the-fly DPI switcher (predetermined choices only), but you will basically have to sacrifice the two thumb buttons in order to use it. All in all, the Razer drivers are top notch, as always, even though the small number of buttons limit the usability of this mouse in some regards.


Ergonomy 9
Buttons 7
Wheel 8.5
Customisability 6
Drivers 8.5
Total 7.8

All in all, Razer DeathAdder is a fine mouse and one that you should definitely go for if you are a leftie who likes to use the mouse with the left hand as well. The couple of things that detract from the usability of this mouse are the facts that there is no separate button for sensitivity settings (or more buttons to customise) and the profile switcher is located at the bottom of the mouse. These, however, are counteracted by the excellent ergonomy of the mouse and the fact that this is practically the only gaming mouse in the offing for left-handers. With its excellent price-quality ratio and tried-and-true design, DeathAdder will definitely be as big a success amongst lefties as it has thus far been amongst righties!