Sharkoon Rush Fireglider gaming mouse

Sharkoon Rush Fireglider gaming mouse


Sharkoon Rush Fireglider laser mouse may go at half of the price of the high-end gaming mice, but doesn't suffer in comparison when it comes to features and quality.

High quality at low price

Sharkoon Rush Fireglider gaming mouse
Sharkoon Rush Fireglider is a laser gaming mouse from a German gaming gear developer, Sharkoon. The developer proclaims that the technical specification and looks of the mouse are enough to impress even the most demanding gamers. While the looks may be a subjective category, we will here take a closer look at the technical side and let you know how we liked the mouse.

The Sharkoon Rush Fireglider comes with a special small black pouch for transportation and spare teflon feet in case you wear off the originals. These are very nice additions and already tell you that you are really receiving bang for your buck when you buy this mouse.


The main features of the Sharkoon Rush Fireglider include the seven buttons, six of which are programmable, a special rubbery grip surface on the right side of the body, a DPI setting button with 6 preprogrammed settings and the ability to change the weight of the mouse with 7 small weights at the base of the casing, accessible through a small round trapdoor. You can naturally also create macros for your games and utilities. Given the low price of the mouse, we are looking at a rather extensive selection of features.

Max. DPI: 3600
Max. Polling: 1000Hz
Buttons: 7 (6 programmable)
Form factor: right
Size in mm (lxwxh): 130 x 71 x 47 mm
Weight min/max: 118g/135g
Price: c. 25.00€
Inches per second: 50


Ergonomy here denotes the comfortability of the mouse when used, including its weight. The shape of Sharkoon Rush Fireglider is pretty traditional right-handed mouse design, perhaps most resembling MS Habu of the other gaming mice we've tested, although Sharkoon is more comfortably sized. The top surface of the mouse is smooth plastic with somewhat gaudy flame print, while the sides have a black matte coating, which provides a nice grip. The grip is enhanced with an additional rubber surface on the right side of the mouse, just under the thumb buttons. The size and materials make this mouse perfect for finger control, but my pretty large hand was not able to get a comfortable full-palm grip of the mouse (the tips of my fingers go past the main buttons). Fortunately, I'm a finger-controller and – fortunately to most other gamers – my hands are larger than normal.


The Sharkoon Rush Fireglider professes 7 buttons, all of which are designed for right-handed use – as is the shape of the mouse. The two thumb buttons are easy to find and tell apart because of their different design and they give a clearm but soft sound to indicate that your click was registered. The main buttons give equally good response. The DPI switcher button on top of the mouse doubles as a small LED light, showing different colours according to the setting that you have selected. And the final button is a small programmable button on the right side of the wheel, which is also easy to find by moving your finger from the wheel or the left side main button. All the buttons work reliably and the sounds that they give are soft, but clear, making this a quieter mouse than many others we've experienced.


The wheel design in Sharkoon Rush Fireglider is definitely one of the best I've seen, even topping my previous favourite (Ikari Steelseries) by being very quiet. It has the same rubbery tactile feel that is familiar also from Razer's gaming mice, and you don't find yourself accidentally pressing the middle button when you intended to scroll the wheel - and vice versa. The wheel is also easy to press and use as a middle button, again giving a soft, but clear sound that your button press was received. However, the wheel does not include the very handy side scrolling feature familiar from many modern high-end gaming mice.


Sharkoon Rush Fireglider gaming mouse
Given the affordable price of the mouse, it is a great surprise that Sharkoon Rush Fireglider gives you the possibility to alter the weight of the unit between 118 and 135 grams with the removal/insertion of small weights inside the unit. The door to this compartment is solidly built and the revolver design of the weight layout inside is very convenient.

The six-step DPI adjustment button is another fabulous inclusion, letting you pre-set a nice number of different DPI settings according to your own preferences. The LED colour of the button - solid colour or blinking lights – give you an instant indication of what setting is on at the moment. You need to install the drivers to change the factory DPI settings, though.


Sharkoon Rush Fireglider gaming mouse
As usual, the driver software allows you to load and save profiles that you have prepared for different games or other purposes. The driver software actually offers a very nice selection of ready-made macros and functions for the buttons that you can choose from, or just make your own from scratch. You can save your settings in separate files and each setting file can contain 2 profiles. It becomes very simple to just make a couple of good settings files, load it up to the driver and then upload the settings to the mouse with a single button press at the lower left corner of the driver software screen.

Overall, the driver software screen is very self-explanatory while still allowing you to adjust almost everything that you might want to adjust in your mouse. Only the OS specific settings, such as the speed of the double-click and other such details have to be changed in the mouse settings of the OS itself.


Ergonomy 8
Buttons 8.5
Wheel 9
Customisability 8.5
Drivers 7.5
Total 8.3

All in all, I liked this mouse very much. I'm honestly surprised by how good the mouse is when I look at the price tag, which is easily less than half of that of so-called high-end gaming mice that offer equal – or worse – quality. However, if you are a full-palm controller and have large hands, you may want to look elsewhere for a bigger mouse. Also, the somewhat cheap-looking flame-design on the mouse makes it look cheaper quality than it actually is. Sharkoon Rush Fireglider is definitely a mouse that you should give due consideration when you choose your next gaming mouse!