World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade

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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade


This expansion will expand the original game to new heights

Expanded Warcraft

Later this year, Blizzard Entertainment will release their highly anticipated expansion The Burning Crusade to World of Warcraft. The Burning Crusade has been tailored to appeal to both new and veteran players alike. Featuring a list of new features, including "Outworld", a whole new 'continent' for players to explore or start anew as one of the two newest additions to the World of Warcraft.

Two new races

The first new race being introduced to the Horde by the expansion is the Blood Elves. The Blood Elves are outcasts of there native homelands, driven out and stripped of their eternal life after they became corrupted by the very magic in which they sought out to possess. Currently the class selection available for the Blood elves will be Rogue, Mage, Warlock, Priest, and Warrior. Their racial traits will be centred around using magic. These traits will include Mana Tap, which gives the Blood Elf the power to drain mana from an opponent, and Arcane Torrent, which silences an opponent for two seconds.

The second new addition to the racial selection are the Draenei. Serving and believing in all that is good and of the Light, they find a secure place as an Alliance race. The Draenei were exiles of the evil and destructive Burning Legion who enslaved them. The name Draeni actually means 'Exile' in their native tongue, which they were when they escaped the Burning Legions grasp. The Draenei were assisted by strange beings called Naaru, to settle their new homeland of Draenor, the Orcish homeworld. The Naaru was also blessed source of the Draenei knowledge of light and power. The Draeni live peacefully for thousands of years until their land was discovered by a high ranking member of the Burning Legion named Kil'jaeden. Kil'jaeden was able to corrupt the minds of the once peaceful Orcs to destroy the Draeni to almost extension. The last remaining Draeni were able to escape and flee to the Azuremyst Isles of Azeroth. There they pledged their aid to the Alliance to help fight the Burning Legion and the Horde. The classes available to the Draeni currently include Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, and Hunter. The racial traits of the Draeni will include Holy Powers, that consist of healing and shadow resistance.

Jewels and flying mounts

The Burning Crusade, will also offer the new tradeskill profession of Jewel crafting. With the new jewel Crafting tradeskill, players will be capable of 'socketing' equipment (Diablo 2 style) which will allow the player to add specially prepared gemstones to the item, increasing its magical potential. Jewel crafting works in a very similar fashion as the current enchantment tradeskill with a handful of exceptions. Items may allow for multiple gems to be attached to permit a mixture of possible results. Players may even find certain combinations of gems which will grant additional, unlisted bonuses.

While traveling around "OutWorld", players will be able to enjoy World of Warcraft's first flying mounts. Though only usable by players of appropriate level and only within the Outworld, it will still greatly reduce travel time through this vast continent.

Monsters, quests and dungeons

Other additions to the expansion include hundreds of new Quests that will greatly expand single player content as well as hundreds of new monsters to fight in four new and strange lands. The new level cap will offer high-level players a new level of achievement as they progress their way to level 70 in preparation for the newest raid instances and boss fight encounters. The addition of the new 5 player dungeon called 'Hellfire Citadel', promises to test the players skills, and push them to the limit. Other instances included in the expansion include Coilfang Reservoir, which will cater to players level 60-70, and partly takes place underwater, Auchindoun for levels 65-70, and Black Temple which will be the hardest instance and requires a 40 man level 70 raid to complete it.

As the release of the Burning Crusade marches ever closer, the anticipation continues to build. The Burning Crusade will permanently alter the World of Warcraft environment. The introduction of new missions, professions, and races, will to keep veteran and brand new players alike exploring the four corners of Azeroth and for its dark secrets, hidden treasures and greatest challenges.