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Portal faq/walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough v1.2c
FAQ/Walkthrough v1.5.


Portal cheats, cheat codes & hints
Cheat Codes
While playing, press ' (tilde) to bring up the cheat console. Type any of the following cheat codes.

Note: If the console does not come up, open the [install directory]\portal\cfg\config.cfg file (with Notepad) and make sure con_enable is set to "1".

sv_cheats 1Enable Cheat Mode
sv_cheats 0Disable Cheat Mode
ai_disableToggle Enemy AI
buddhaPlayer Takes Damage But Won't Die
godGod Mode
hurtme #Decrease Health by #
impulse 101All Weapons and Ammo
noclipNo Clipping Mode
mat_wireframe 1Wireframe Mode
sv_noclipduringpause 1No Clipping During Pause
sv_infinite_aux_power 1Unlimited Auxillary Power
showtriggers 0Show Trigger Brushes

Unlock All Chapters
Modify your [install directory]\portal\cfg\config.cfg file (with Notepad) and change sv_unlockedchapters to "11".

Portal steam achievements list

Lab Rat
Objective: Acquire the fully powered Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

Objective: Do whatever it takes to survive.

Objective: Make the correct party escort submission position decision.

Objective: Complete Portal.

Friendly Fire
Objective: Knock down a turret with another turret.

Objective: Beat two Portal advanced maps.

Objective: Beat four Portal advanced maps.

Long Jump
Objective: Jump 300 feet.

Vanilla Crazy Cake
Objective: Beat all six Portal advanced maps.

Terminal Velocity
Objective: Fall 30,000 feet.

Camera Shy
Objective: Detach security cameras from the walls.

Transmission Received
Objective: ..?

Rocket Science
Objective: Earn silver medals on all Portal challenges.

Basic Science
Objective: Earn bronze medals on all Portal challenges.

Aperture Science
Objective: Earn gold medals on all Portal challenges.