Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade

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Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade

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Knights of the temple: infernal crusade cheats, cheat codes & hints
Greater Divine Power Healing
Open the RpgSkills_DivinePowers.xrg file in your \Starbreeze Studios\Knights Of The Temple\Sbz1\Registry\Rpg folder with the note pad or other editor and modify the:


set the "Mana" lower and increase Range, Damage and Force, in example:

*Mana 1
*Range 700
*Damage 700
*Force 700

Then save the changes.

Increase Damage of Your Weapons
Open the RpgSkills_Attacks.xrg file in the same directory, and increase the Damage entry in:



*damage 9.0
*init 0.0

Special Attack
You must also modify the stamina, something like this:

*Level 1
*damage 10.0
*stamina 5

Do this in the following entries:


Then save the changes.