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Just cause faq/walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough v0.8.


Just cause trainer God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, Extra Grenades, Max Out War Points.
Unlimited Health, Crosshair Death (kill enemies instantly), Unlimited Ammo, Stop All Traffic, Stupid Enemies (invisibility), Super Strength. Made exclusively for Cheat Happens. Includes an in-game menu for activating cheats and instructions are included with the file. Written for the original version of the game (no updates applied). May not work with all versions. Read jc.txt file with Notepad for important instructions on using the trainer.
Unlimited Health, Ammo, Mass Kill, Get Massive Relationship Points.


Just cause savegame Savgeame with all the story line missions complete, all the collection missions complete, all the races complete, and just the side missions left.
All races complete, all collection missions complete, all settlement missions complete, and almost all the safe houses, with about 4 left to unlock.
Savegame with all Rioja Settlement Unlocked, Packages collected, Max Rank with Guerrillas & Riojas, All Locked & Unlocked garages filled with one of the best vehicles in the game, All guerrilla weapons unlocked, All montano settlements liberated and now controlled by Riojas. ALL OF THESE JUST AFTER THE 4th MISSION "The San Esperito Connection".