Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir

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Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir


Mysteries waiting to be cracked abound

Ready to Investigate?

Every now and again, a game comes along that surprises people. Take for instance Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Playing home to both a unique visual style and addictive gameplay, people were wowed when they first played the game. To believe a new IP could deliver such an incredible experience as well as take a basic genre and turn it into something unique is amazing. Combining over 100 hundred brain teasers that take advantage of the DS and a murder mystery style adventure, Professor Layton was a first of its kind on the DS.

Now comes Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir, yet another Nintendo-published game set to be released this year. What caught many by surprise was the sudden jump of a well established PC franchise being made unto DS. The great thing about the jump is that instead of a watered-down port of one of the already released PC games, handheld gamers will be greeted by a fresh, new experience.

A Mystery Waiting to be Cracked?

Like Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir is a game that anybody, casual or hardcore, can pick up and play. In Professor Layton, players would travel around St. Mystere trying to unravel details about the elusive ‘Mysterious Apple’. Throughout the game though, players could interact with out-of-place items in the background to find hint coins, tokens that allow hints to be distributed while solving brain teasers. MillionHeir is following in its footsteps, but instead of trying to find hint coins, players will be required to find items to help solve a case about the whereabouts of Phil T. Rich.

As with most mystery games, MillionHeir starts off at a high peak. The premiere case involves players trying to find details about the whereabouts of Phil T. Rich who was mysteriously abducted. Players take the role of a master detective who must try to find the rightful heir to Mr. Rich’s wealth. However things aren’t as easy as they sound. Throughout the course of the game, twelve potential heirs emerge, making the detective’s job even harder.

Solving the Mysteries

To unravel the mysteries of Phil T. Rich and the heir of his wealth, players will retrace his steps, finding items involved with the case. Provided on the touch screen is a list of key items that must be found. To find them, players need to examine an elaborate painting on the touch screen. By using the stylus, players can drag the zoomed-in painting around to find clues. Once the clue is successfully found, it is removed from the screen and crossed off of the list. Be quick though because there is a time limit. Randomly tapping on the touch screen won’t be beneficial either since players will end up getting penalized. If you are in desperate need of help though, a hint may be used.

Though MillionHeir is presented as a seek-and-solve type game, there’s more to the game than just searching for items. In between chapters, jigsaw puzzles emerge. To progress to the next chapter, these puzzles must be completed. By tapping the pieces on the side and rotating them with the stylus, the puzzle can be solved in a heartbeat. Presented at the top of the screen is what the puzzle will look like in its final form.


Unlike the PC entries in the series, the developers have thrown in some multiplayer aspects to game. By now most people know that two heads are always better than one. With this in mind, the developers have added an option for two players to solve the mysteries of the game together. For a more competitive experience, MillionHeir also boasts a mode where two people can go head-to-head against each other. Topping everything off is the inclusion of DS Download Play so friends and family members can share in all of the fun.

Start Crackin’ Mysteries in September

With the game’s release date rapidly approaching, the mysteries shrouding the game will soon be unraveled. With over 1,000 items to find in the game Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir is surely going to be something special. Don’t let the Touch Generations symbol on the box art throw you off though – the game is bound to get everyone’s eyes moving and their head thinking.