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My World, My Way review
Professor Layton


An innovative take on the role-playing genre.


If there’s one genre that truly excels on the DS, it has to be role-playing games. From Square Enix’s The World Ends With You to their Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest remakes to Nintendo’s own Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the DS has it all. Adding to the handheld’s amazing RPG library this year is Atlus's My World, My Way, which offers unique take on the RPG genre.

In My World, My Way, players play as a snobby little princess known as Elise. She’s always been given everything she’s ever wanted, but when she turns fifteen, she realizes that there’s one thing she doesn’t have - a handsome boyfriend. She then forces her father to host a ball and invite every prince in the land.

At the ball, Elise meets the man she’s been looking for, but he’s an experienced adventurer who’s always on the go. Out of nowhere, the prince tells Elise that if she ever wants to be with him, she must become an experienced adventurer herself. Determined to be with him, Elise sets out to do just that, putting the entire kingdom in shock.

Of course, being a princess who’s had everything given to her, Elise has no idea what awaits her outside the castle. Fearing for her safety, her father sends a great adventurer by the name of Nero with her to help out. With only one thought in her head, Elise is determined to become the best adventurer in the land and win that prince’s heart.


One of the most interesting aspects of My World, My Way is the Pout Points system. Like any other traditional RPGs, Elise gains hit points and magic points by defeating enemies, but in a twist, she also gets pout points. Using these points, Elise can make her enemies easier or harder, double her experience, make enemies drop more items, mute magic casters, and even freeze enemies, among some other things. The system works extremely well and adds a layer of strategy to the game.

At various points throughout the game, Elise will be asked to go into a dungeon and retrieve an item or kill a boss. Players then traverse the dungeon trying to complete that objective, encountering enemies along the way.


When Elise engages in battle, she brings her partners with her, Paro the parrot and Pinky the slime. Paro attacks enemies using magical spells while Pinky uses physical force. Both partners work great and work well in the game.

Surprisingly, Pinky doesn’t level up, but rather gains attributes and skills by mimicking the body parts of defeated enemies. For example, if you battle an enemy with a large amount of hits points, Pinky’s hit points will increase, and if the enemy has the ability to equip a certain piece of armor, Pink will also gain that ability.

Fun and Innovative

Be warned though, My World, My Way isn’t perfect. After the many hours I’ve put into the game, I found it to be a little repetitive. Essentially the game follows a certain order of events that’s repeated throughout the entire game. After a couple of times going through it, I found myself wishing that there was a little more variety.

In addition to this complaint, enemies can also be unexpectedly difficult. In some levels, you may be fighting your way through low-level enemies, and out of nowhere, encounter a much stronger one. It may add a new layer of difficulty to the game, but it seems like a cheap way to do it.

My World, My Way offers a very innovative experience on the DS. The game may seem suited for female audiences due to the game following the tale of a young princess, but at heart, My World, My Way is specifically for hardcore RPG fans. Bringing a slew of new ideas to the table, it is a must-play game for die-hard RPG fans. The game’s difficulty level may scare some gamers off, which is why I wouldn’t recommend this game to newcomers to the genre. In the end, My World, My Way is a great, innovative, and fun title.


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