Dear Nintendo, I can't seem to buy a Wii

Dear Nintendo, I can't seem to buy a Wii


Thought getting your hands on a Wii was difficult? Check out my story, or rather, my Wife's story. It is a tale of many tries and as many failures, but filled with determination to continue the quest to obtain one.

Dear Nintendo, I can't seem to buy a Wii
Dear Nintendo,

My name is Falconer and I am the Editor in Chief Hooked Gamers ( a thriving online games magazine and gaming community.

I am writing you because I am starting to feel left out and I worry about the mental health of my wife. You see, the Hooked Gamers staff consists of some 30-odd writers and Bloggers. Many of them own a Wii console. Those who do have been fans from the moment they laid eyes on the machine (and quite a few have been Nintendo fan for -much- longer). I feel left out because I would like to be one of them, a Wii-owner, and able to play and review your games.

To understand why I worry about my wife's mental health, I will have to take you back to the Christmas of December 2006. My wife, driven mad by months of listening to my raving about 'that new console with the cool motion sensitive controller', gave me a self made voucher for a Nintendo Wii. A destroyed pair of boots was testimony to her attempts of getting me one, but to no avail. There were no Nintendo Wii's anywhere to be found. Determined to get me one soon after Christmas, she signed up for waiting lists at three different shops. Two of these shops stopped taking calls, the other tore up their waiting list in sheer frustration in… I think it was February 2007.

She gave up for a couple of months then, until it was time for my birthday. She couldn't very well give me another voucher, I still had the first one, but she couldn't give me a Wii either. There were none to be found. Somehow, the trickle of Wii's that enter the country trickle into the hands of other Wii fans who, no doubt, have had to work just as hard as my wife to obtain one.

The ritual repeated itself in December of 2007 and to this date, my wife has not been able to fulfill the promise that she made one and a half years ago. Her tenacity is beyond doubt and I love her for this Herculean effort alone, but there seems to be no end to her ordeal. My birthday is coming up again and I would not be surprised if she loses her sanity if she cannot find me a Wii this year. As you may understand, I fear the worst and I implore you… no I am -begging- you to send me a Nintendo Wii so that I can play and review your games. My wife can then actually go out and buy me games instead (although there may be a small chance that history will repeat itself as she no doubt will be trying to find a Wii Fit next!).