Zombie Aficionados Rejoice: DayZ will be a standalone game

Right on the heels of the news that DayZ, the incredibly popular mod from Dean "Rocket" Hall, has hit one million players, comes the announcement that it will be a standalone game.

Not surprisingly, the brain behind the mod will lead this endeavor and Bohemia Interactive, creators of Arma, the game DayZ is currently a mod for, will help develop and publish it. The good news is that Hall will follow Minecraft's creator Notch's footsteps in that the game will have "fast iterations with the community alpha available for a heavily discounted price." There is also a new website, which will run parallel to the mod. The new website was offline at the time of posting this news.

The announcement is cause for much celebration in the DayZ community, but it has also given birth to several new questions. Players are wondering if the choppy, aging Arma II engine will be used, how hackers (which currently plague the alpha) will be dealt with, and the pricing structure.

We will provide you with the latest news as it happens. In the interim, you can read the original announcement here. You can also read Hooked Gamers' preview of DayZ here.