Prey 2 Will Feature Intelligent Weapons

Sounds weird right? In a recent Q&A on the game's Facebook page, Andrew C asked if there will be different types of ammo. Chris Rhine Hart (@chrisrhinehart) responded as follows:

There isn't swappable ammo types, but different ammo types have been built into the weapons themselves. Example: We have a variety of close-range shotgun-like weapons: Some that do more standard shotgun attacks, but others that have different projectile functions such as incendiary attacks or cluster-bomb like attacks where the projectiles explode once enough attach to the target and critical mass has been reached.

Sounds like the kind of ability that can be both irritating and satisfying. Irritating if you never meet critical mass. Satisfying when the enemy disappears in a red mist! Aaaaah, beautiful!

Source: Bethblog.