Diablo III Emphasizes Sharing, Caring

Between monster hunting, barrel-breaking, chest-looting and dungeon-pillaging, the Diablo series has built a reputation for awarding the player with an endless stream of items and gear to manage. The latest title allows you to manage this river of loot through the much-discussed auction-house, or to be salvaged for crafting, but what if you received an item that was well-suited for another character on your account?

In Diablo II, you would normally create a server, drop the item on the floor, hoping that no one else came in and stole it, log out, and then log back in with another character into the same shard to pick it up. Well no longer! Introducing the shared stash, a new option in Diablo III which can be accessed by all characters on the same account. The shared stash will be available in each major town at the start of every act (there are four acts).

So how much space are we talking about here? The shared stash will have five tabs, each tab containing 70 slots of space. You start off with one tab, but you can buy out additional slots with gold on any character for a grand total of 350 slots! That is a lot of storage space, and also hints at the fact that item drop rates in Diablo III will not disappoint.

Diablo III Emphasizes Sharing, Caring

You cannot, however, store gold in the stash. But don't despair, it seems that Blizzard has come up with a whole new mechanism for managing gold on your account. Gold is now a shared resource in Diablo III. Any gold you have accumulated can be accessed by all your characters at any time without needing to put it in or take it out of storage.

Your hardcore characters will be a different story however. In any account, if you have both hardcore and normal characters, there will be a shared stash, auction house, and gold among all your hardcore characters, and a separate shared stash, auction house and gold pool for your normal characters.

Source: Diablo III Blog.