Stuart Black leaves City Interactive

City Interactive have confirmed that famed developer Stuart Black will be leaving the company after his vision for Enemy Front wasn't realized.

In a recent interview with City Interactive CEO Marek Tyminski, Black's vision for Enemy Front wasn't what the publisher had in mind. Enemy Front has been lauded as a World War II FPS but will now take on a different approach.
“Following the first game shows, press releases, we decided to take into account the media attention and now we have made ​​a number of quite significant changes in the game storyline and assumptions, including the main character,” Tyminski said.

“We’re currently working on these elements, among others, a very experienced person in the industry in the United States, Mark Bristol. Recently [we] also decided to create an extensive multiplayer mode, in which our team in Romania is responsible for.”
A City Interactive representative confirmed with VG247 the many changes in which Enemy Front underwent.
“We can confirm that Stuart Black is no longer working with City Interactive on the Enemy Front project,” said Marshall Zwicker, the firms North American VP of sales and marketing.

“Based on on early builds of the game and various internal and external feedback that we received, we decided to take a different approach to the, gameplay, and the story and characters in the game than originally envisioned. We are now working with Mark Bristol, a very experienced cinematic director from the US and together with him we have been implementing what we feel are some really compelling changes.

“We are very happy with the progress of the game and look forward to showing it off in the months to come.”
Stuart Black came to City Interactive in 2010 after leaving Codemasters. Enemy Front does not have a release date but is being developed using the Cry Engine 3.