'Planetside 2' design modeled after 'EVE Online'

Sony Online Entertainment's John Smedley recently stated that the upcoming Planetside 2's design was "greatly influenced" by EVE Online.

In a recent interview, Smedley stated that his love for EVE Online led to the similarities between the two titles.
My Eve experiences have been some of the most amazing of my gaming life, he said.

I am a true PVPer at heart and Im not a big fan of rules. EVE provides the perfect environment for a person like me.

The concept of Cert Points and the notion of gaining them offline came straight from there, although our system gives you points that are flexible and we also give you more experience when youre online than off, he said.

Also our resource system started out very similar to Starcraft but its evolved a lot into something more akin to what EVE has. Right now its not going to get as much use as it will in the future when we allow player owned bases that require rare resources that players fight over. Right now we dont have a market but that will come over time.

I like to give credit where credit is due and its fair to say that Eve greatly influenced my thinking as an online gamer and as someone running an online gaming company.
Smedley also stated that Planetside 2 will give the player room to grow as a creator, and that's something that he thinks gamers should enjoy more of.
Were going to make huge continents that are empty and have vast resources on them and players can fight it out and put down their own bases there and other players can come and obliterate them. Sound familiar EVE players? he said.

I personally thought SWTOR was a great game. I loved Diablo III. The problem is you get to the endgame and as game makers its not just expensive. Its impossible to stay ahead of the curve.
Planetside 2 is in closed beta and will launch later this year.