"Borderlands 2' Girlfriend Mode outrages female gamers

Borderlands 2 lead director John Hemingway recently labeled one of the game's skill maps as "Girlfriend Mode" sparking outrage amongst female gamers.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Hemingway stated that the game will have a user-friendly skill tree called "Best Friends Forever" which will allow you to collect perks that make the game easier. It was this mode that Hemingway talked of the "Girlfriend Mode";
“The design team was looking at the concept art and thought, you know what, this is actually the cutest character we’ve ever had. I want to make, for the lack of a better term, the girlfriend skill tree,” Hemingway said.

“This is, I love Borderlands and I want to share it with someone, but they suck at first-person shooters. Can we make a skill tree that actually allows them to understand the game and to play the game? That’s what our attempt with the Best Friends Forever skill tree is.”
Gearbox head man Randy Pitchford caught this gaff and went to Twitter to explain himself.
“Borderlands 2 does NOT have a girlfriend mode. Anyone that says otherwise is misinformed or trying to stir up something that isn’t there,” he said.

“The future DLC Mechromancer class has a skill tree that makes it easier for less skilled coop partners (any gender!) to play and be useful.”

“I didn’t know it was a nickname. It’s not even a thing – just a skill built from the idea of playing coop with noob friends.”
Borderlands 2 is out next month for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.