Rumor: 'BioShock Infinite' mutliplayer modes canned

According to a new rumor floating about Bioshock Infinite will no longer be developing a multiplayer to go along with the game's campaign mode.

Kotaku is reporting that the two known multiplayer modes that the game was going to have, have indeed been cancelled. Of the two modes that were canned, one was a "tower defense" type mode where the player's character would be shrunken and placed inside of an old "arcade machine" where you'll take on waves of toy soldiers.

The second multiplayer mode went by the name "Spec Ops" and would have been a lot like the mode of the same name in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. You would team up with another player and complete missions based on the game's campaign mode.

Irrational's Ken Levine declined to comment on any rumors but did say this;
“As I’ve always said we are experimenting with things, and only if they are good enough will we put them in the game.”
This news comes one day after word escaped that two pivotal staffers on the BioShock Infinite development team left the studio. Levine addressed that situation as well;
“In a company of 200 people you’re going to have turnover. We never like to see a guy like Nate leave because he’s been here for a long time but it’s been 13 years and I think sometimes people want to spread their wings. I’m not going to stop people. We love Nate and I think we all remain friends. After 13 years he sort of finished his work on BioShock Infinite, as you will be able to tell when you see the game again… I think Nate’s moving on to something else.”

“As far as the team itself, the lead artist, the art director, the creative director, the lead effects artist, the senior sound guy, the lead programer and the lead AI programmer from BioShock 1 are all on BioShock Infinite. I don’t think there’s a single senior BioShock team member that isn’t here, which I think is amazing and a testament to their commitment to the studio. And there are a ton of amazing people who weren’t on BioShock 1 that are on BioShock Infinite.”
BioShock Infinite is out on February 26, 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.