'Far Cry 3' Will Have A Gray Area

Far Cry 3's producer Dan Hay recently stated that the much-talked about upcoming title will blend good guys with bad guys, giving you a gray area.

Speaking with CVG, Hay said that the game's protagonist, Jason, will really be the game's antagonist, Vaas, but it's the journey of how you make that assessment is what the game will be based on.
“When you start to look at Vaas and other characters, and you start to see similarities between them and what you’re doing, that’s when the inner conflict starts,” he said.

“The conflict starts when the island has exacted its pound of flesh from you. You see it when you start getting those tattoos, which tell a bunch of stories about what you’ve seen and how you’ve played the game. And you look at them and start to see more similarities between the person or people that you hate, than the person you were at the beginning.”
Far Cry 3 is out in November for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.