The Amazing Spider-Man Gets Pre-Order Bonuses

Activision have announced some pre-order bonuses for their upcoming movie tie-in game The Amazing Spider-Man.

Here's what you'll get from certain retailers:

- Pre-order from GameStop and you’ll net The Rhino Challenge – Unlockable for PS3 and Xbox 360 only – Take control of the massive, genetically engineered villain RHINO and rampage around Manhattan in an exclusive gameplay challenge of pure destruction! As Rhino, players will be able to unleash his formidable powers to destroy anything and everything that gets in his way in a timed event full of speed, combo streaks, and of course, a ton of things to break! While supplies last. Limited time only.

- Pre-order from Amazon - Playable Stan Lee - Unlockable for PS3 and Xbox 360 only – For the first time ever, fans will be able to play…STAN…LEE as himself in The Amazing Spider-Man. Players will take on the role of Stan “The Man” Lee in his own special mission across Manhattan, borrowing abilities from his old pal Spider-Man as they help Stan collect pages of his latest script in a spectacular race around Manhattan. Stan’s mission is punctuated with his witty banter that fans have come to know and love, and a special surprise waits for them at the end of the mission – after all, it is Spider-Man’s 50th anniversary this year! While supplies last. Limited time only.

The Amazing Spider-Man is out in the US on June 26 and in the UK on June 29 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, 3DS, DS, and Wii.