THQ Would Delay Darksiders II If It Wasn't Complete

THQ bossman Danny Bilson has gone on record as saying that Darksiders II is still on track for a June release but if something came up and it looked like the game might not make its deadline the firm would delay it with no questions asked.

In a recent interview with Ripten Bilson said;
“Darksiders II is looking really, really good. It’s a huge game.

"We’re going to give that team everything they need to make it as good as it can be.”
When asked if Darksiders II was going to be delayed;
“The team is working really, really hard. We’re not going to ship it before it’s done,” he added.
THQ has been in some hot water lately, financially speaking, and you could interpret Bilson's last comment as proof that Darksiders II is in danger of being delayed, but I don't think so.

Bilson then spoke about some recent layoffs that occurred at Darksiders developer Vigil Games;
“Honestly, no one who was on any critical path on Darksiders was let go, and no one was let go before they finished their tasks on Darksiders,” he said.

“There’s absolutely no compromise on the Darksiders product whatsoever. That was a high priority for us.”
The game is expected to release in June for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC with a Wii U version coming at a later date.