Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer Details Emerge

New details regarding the multiplayer faction to Gearbox's upcoming title, Aliens: Colonial Marines have made it to the internet.

The site CVG got their hands on the game's multiplayer at a recent event held in Texas. According to them there will be a mode where you can play 8v8 as either the Marines or the Aliens.

Weapon loadouts will be fully customizable with a shotgun, pulse rifle, and a assault rifle at your disposal. There will be a deathmatch mode with the winning team reaching 50 kills first. According to the website, the deathmatch mode you will have to ôstick together, hug the walls, use the motion tracker and watch the corners.ö

Aliens will hold a certain advantage over Marines and vice versa. Playing as the Aliens you will be in first-person while playing as the Marines will be a first-person affair.

The Aliens, also known as Xenos, will have a class system where you can progress through different levels of Xenos.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is out this fall for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC with a Wii U version in the works.
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