Sid Meier Talks XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Sid Meier recently sat down with Game Informer to discuss his studio's upcoming title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, stating that Enemy Unknown isn't just Civilization with aliens.

In the interview Meier says;
“In our dreams we pull in strategy game players, we pull in action players, we pull in RPG players. There are cool elements of all those gaming styles in XCOM."

“They’re mixed together in an interesting brew where you get some RPG, you get some strategy, you get some action. Our goal would be to really appeal to all those players, and to introduce them maybe to some gaming that they haven’t played before. An action gamer might play the game for the action part and think, well strategy is pretty fun too.

“It’s not trying to conform to a genre, but trying to find ways to bring this topic to life in the most fun and exciting way possible.”
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is due out this fall for all major platforms and does not have any ties with the recently delayed 2K title XCOM.

Via Shack News