Platinum Games Bossman Loves The Name "Revengeance"

Ever since Saturday night I've been racking my brain trying to think why anyone, let alone a game developer, would name a game "Revengeance"?

As it turns out that Kojima Productions had nearly given up on finishing Metal Gear Solid: Rising, then all of the sudden Platinum Games swooped in and saved the game...while adding "Revengeance" to the title. Fucking "Revengeance" isn't even a damn word ya'll.

Platinum's executive director Atsushi Inaba recently went to defending the title plus Kojima Productions;
It seems there are some who wish to imply Platinum Games was able to achieve what Kojima Productions could not interviewers among them."

This notion is spurious. Clearly, we have not yet produced any results in the world of Metal Gear.

The gap is immense. Mr. Kojima tossed his chips on our table, believing we could handle the task. In other words, he took a gamble.
Inaba wishes that fans would wait for the final product to form opinions of the game.
I know reaction to the new trailer is mixed. Yet I also believe our love and respect shines through, he said.

It is my hope that you catch a glimpse of the future in the footage. In order to achieve that evolution, that future, we at PlatinumGames will continue to fight, shedding our own blood, sweat and tears.
The game is out next year for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.