Newell: Steam Is Just The Beginning

Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, recently stated that he expects other companies to expand on the digital market and copy and improve what Steam does before the platform becomes useless.

Speaking with Kotaku, Newell said;
“They look at Steam as it is today and say, ‘Aha, we can do something like that too. What they are missing is that this is just the beginning. The rate at which stuff is changing is dramatic. Things we’ve done in Steam are going to seem very primitive simply a few years down the road."

“We’re terrified by the future. You need to be looking at what’s happening with Apple, Google Android and thinking that could impact the living room in a big way. You need to be looking at Onlive and how it is integrated with the television,” he said.

“Where we are today is trivial to where we will be down the line. We need to be focusing on where we are headed.”
Via GameFront