DMC's Dante Will Whoop Your Ass

Ninja Theory's upcoming reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise will star a Dante that, upon first viewing, gamers didn't think much of, but think twice because this Dante is more likely to whoop your ass than in years past.

According to the game's creative director, Tameem Antoniades, recently spoke with the US PS Blog about the young Dante;
“Growing up in a situation where the demons are out to kill him; society in general, controlled by the demons, is out to crush him; growing up on the streets… So, he’s more of a street brawler."

“His moves are less refined than you would have seen in previous DMCs.”
So he'll kick your ass in a dirtier way then.
“I wouldn’t say he’s green and naive, I’d just say he doesn’t give a fuck,” the developer commented.
That's what we're looking for, a hero who just doesn't give a fuck.

Antoniades then commented on Dante's new assortment of aerial combat moves, something that went over well with the big wigs at Capcom.
“The music responds to your ranking system, so the better you play, the more layers of music kick in, and if you get to the top ranks, then the screaming vocals kick in and it kind of affects you when you play, because you know you’re doing well,” he said.
Devil May Cry is out in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Via Siliconera