DA2 DLC "Legacy" To Address Player Feedback

Dragon Age 2's senior producer Fernando Melo has said that the BioWare development team took serious fan feedback regarding the game and implemented it into the upcoming DLC for the game, "Legacy".

Talking with RockPaperShotgun Melo stated;
“If somebody comes in and they’re expecting that this single DLC is going to solve everything — whatever everything is for them — then clearly this is not going to meet their expectations,” he said. “If it’s somebody that enjoys DA2, they will absolutely love it. If it’s somebody that enjoys the lore and story of Dragon Age, I think they’ll absolutely love it. If somebody was kind of on the fence with DA2 and they’re still willing to come in with an open mind and give it a chance, I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised with what they find here. Hopefully.

“For sure there are certain people who probably wanted Origins 2 with Dragon Age 2; we did not go in that direction. This DLC is not going to solve that for them.”
Melo stated that the AI in the DLC will be a little better prepared for you and may even plan ambushes for you.
“People wanted to feel they had more tactically challenging combat, where they had to draw on their abilities a lot more and use their parties more effectively,” he said. “You’re walking into their space, they [the creatures] know it intimately. You’re the one who is at a loss. They have the advantage.”
Dragon Age 2's DLC "Legacy" is out next week, July 26, for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.