New Hitman: Absolution Details

New details have emerged for Square's upcoming title Hitman: Absolution.

According to the latest issue of the magazine EDGE the game will have cut the game's map screen, instead your character will rely on a mini-map on the screen and use your "Instinct Mode" which will heighten your senses in the game and point out enemies and routes that you can take that you would not ordinarily see otherwise. It's alot like Assassin's Creed's "Eagle Vision" in a sense.

When you disguise yourself in the game that doesn't necessarily mean you will have a cake walk getting past enemies. Apparently you have to use the disguises in conjunction with "Instinct Mode" to open up Agent 47's stealth abilities.

In the game crowd's of people will be used differently than in past titles. Agent 47 will be able to go into different crowds of people when his threat meter is high and lay low. Speaking of which, the threat meter is now a grey circle that appears in the middle of the screen. It will highlight when it gets too high and begin to flash when you're in the sight of an enemy. Your threat meter will fill faster the more enemies watch you.

According to the magazine the game will take place in Chicago and will feature very unique environment changes and weapons that are unique to each environment.

Levels in the game will contain different checkpoints but some levels won't contain checkpoints at all, it all depends on the size of the level. Some levels will be short and to the point while others will offer you the ability to explore around some, utilizing the checkpoints would be key.

Some changes to the voice case for the game are that Agent 47's handler, Diana, will now be played by Marsha Thomason who has appeared on the TV show's Lost and White Collar. David Bateson, who has voiced Agent 47 in past Hitman titles will not be returning in Absolution.

Hitman: Absolution is out in 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.