DICE: Competitors "Treading Water"

Karl Magnus Troedsson of DICE recently issued some strong words regarding to his company's rivals in the video game "shooter" category, stating that they are all "just treading water".

Troedsson says that franchises such as Call of Duty haven't come up with anything innovating in quite some time.

In an interview with, Troedsson states,
"The competitors … are out there, they’re established, and they’re very, very big."

“We believe that they are not innovating, that they are treading water,” he added.

“We … are investing our time, our energy and money in actually innovating.”

“Every time that we launch a new game, we ask ourselves – what can we do better? What can we make faster? More fun? So, first and foremost we always compete with ourselves,”
He stated that the expectation of Battlefield 3 to be a "blockbuster" hit will prove that DICE has either closed the gap considerably or surpassed the CoD franchise.

Battlefield 3 is expected some time this holiday season on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.