DICE: 256-Player Battlefield 3 Wouldn't Be Fun

DICE wants to create the most surreal feeling title when it comes to Battlefield 3, and while multiplayer is created simultaneously alongside the single player feel, trying to get it right is half the battle. The Battlefield 3 developer has stated that 256-player multiplayer is certainly possible in the game, it simply wouldn't be much fun.

DICE CEO Patrick Söderlund, in an interview with AtomicMPC, stated,
“A lot of people ask us about 64 versus 128 or 256 players. Technically, we can go to 256, we’ve tried it. We play tested with 128. You’ve got to make a game that’s fun to play. And, arguably, we think that the most fun you can have is when it’s between 32 and 40 players."

“And we’ve done substantial research into this and tested 128 and that it’s not fun. Maybe we haven’t done our design work good enough, but we just feel like there’s no point in going higher than 64.”
So 64 is the magic number, and quite frankly, that seems like enough to me. Remember, bigger is not always better. There's something intimate about being able to kill the same person over and over.

Battlefield 3 is out later this year on the PS3, 360, and PC.