Battlefield 3 Gets GDC Blowout

DICE and EA showed off Battlefield 3 at GDC recently. To say the game was stunning would be an understatement.

Patrick Bach, of DICE, took the GDC stage to announce that the PC will be Battlefield 3's lead platform and demo part of the single-player campaign on the platform.

DICE GM, Karl-Magnus Troedsson, then took the stage, saying,
“DICE stands for three core values...Quailty, innovation, and fun or joy, whatever you want to call it. Whatever we do when it comes to games, or movies or anything having to do with our products – we want quality. We always want to try to surpass what we did last time.

“Innovation comes in many different forms, it can be specifically new features or new genres, but it is always something we feel strongly about. We want to continue to innovate in whatever we do. We can’t just release another title year after year after year. We want to challenge ourselves to go further, and then beyond that.

"And of course – fun. We are making entertainment, and hopefully everyone agrees, we need to have fun at work because if we don’t – you won’t have fun playing the game.

“We also pride ourselves by being at the forefront when it comes to new technology. So today we are going to show you guys the Frostbyte 2 engine, which is a big evolution and a step forward in the advancement of Battlefield games. We also pride ourselves at being at the forefront of emerging technology as well as new distribution methods and ways to consume games.”
The demo for the game took place on the Iraq/Iran border where the team of Marines being hampered by earthquake tremors. One thing that seems to be among the consensus that impressed people the most about the demo was the way the lighting in the game was used.

Facial animation was stated as very well used and the graphics as clean and crisp as any ever before it. Building destruction is largely the same as previous Battlefield titles, although using different weapons has certainly changed the way walls crumbled.

Troedsson then stated,
“It’s taken us a bit of a while to actually do a sequel to Battlefield 2...It was released in 2005, and when it actually came out we thought we’d try to take online a couple of big steps forward. We plan to do that with Battlefield 3 as well. Not only with the online, but the core and the single-player. It is all about creating that full, blockbuster value that is so important when releasing a big title like this.

“We also want to create fuller, more immersive and physical experiences, and in order to do that we felt it was again necessary to upgrade the engine. We did this with Bad Company with Frostbyte 1, and now again with BF3 and Frostbyte 2.”
Battlefield 3 is out later this year for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.