Total War: Shogun 2 Demo Gets Release Date

SEGA has announced a release for the upcoming demo for Total War: Shogun 2.

The demo will be available starting next week, February 22, for the PC.

Also announced are some pre-order bonuses available for the game. When you purchase the game at Best Buy will get:
Those who pre-order at Best Buy (online or in-store only) will unlock 1,000 Koku, the currency used in Total War: Shogun 2. Player’s campaigns will begin with 1,000 Koku, allowing them to purchase new buildings, train new units and upgrade their towns.
With those of you pre-ordering the game at GameStop, getting:
Players who pre-order at GameStop (online or in-store) will unlock and take part in The Historic Battle of Kawagoe. Set in 1545, the Battle of Kawagoe saw the Hõjõ clan launch a successful night time counter-attack against the besieging Uesugi, eschewing heavy armor and the collection of heads in favor of speed and stealth.
The game releases at retail on March 15.