New Battlefield 3 Details Arise!

Game Informer's cover feature of DICE's upcoming shooter, Battlefield, has apparently made its way to the internet.

The main details from the magazine's feature are that Battlefield 3 will contain co-op, a new original story, no direct relation to Bad Company 2, and that the lead platform the game is being developed for is the PC.

DICE has stated that the Frostbite 2 Engine is the perfect game engine to run Battlefield 3 and that the game has been in the planning stages and in development for years.

DICE did state that the PC would be the lead console but mod tools will not be released for the game at launch. The reasoning behind this move was because the Frostbite 2 Engine is a very complex game engine and that the tools would have to be "dumbed down".

The developer explained that the game would have four classes but would not address squads at this point in time. A "killcam" will be featured in the game but wouldn't talk about a "theater" mode.

Locations such as Tehran, Paris, New York, Sulaymaniyah, and Iraqi Kurdistan will have you globe hopping.

DICE did offer up the idea that character customization would be much more in-depth this go around and that the game would feature many more unlocks than Bad Company 2 had.
“The more variation you have [in the characters], the less you can have in the rest of the world,” producer Patrick Bach told the mag.

“I think it also has to do with the way you play more professionally. You don’t want people to look completely different. It’s team A versus team B. It’s always a challenge – how do you personalise a uniform? Giving the pink rabbit hat to someone would make it fun, but if you’re running around and you don’t know what you’re shooting at, you don’t take the professional gaming seriously in my book.”

Bach continues: “There’s a challenge between personalising and keeping it uniform. We will do more in that area, making sure that you can get your character to be more personalised both in a visual way and more specifically in the way you gear up. We did a good job I would argue with Bad Company 2 with specialisations, different scopes and different weapons – you can kind of find your way of playing the game, which broadens the game for more people.”
Other tidbits concerning the game:

- the word "fuck" will be used a "M" rating was already expected.
- DICE wants single-player campaign to be balanced with highs and lows
- There will be a significant narrative accompanying the single-player campaign
- Battlefield 3's development team is nearly three times the size of Bad Company 2's.
- PC version will support 64 player multiplayer
- DICE audio captured their own "war" sounds (tanks, helicopters, explosions, gunfire).
- Level destruction will be "believable" but everything will be destructable.
- Character animation will be used with EA Sports "ANT" software.

Battlefield 3 is out this fall for the 360, PS3, and PC.

Via NeoGAF