Crysis 3 Plans Depend On Crysis 2's Success

Crytek has stated that they already have big plans for Crysis 3, but with Crysis 2 not even out yet, the developer must wait and see how the original sequel does before getting ahead of themselves.

In an interview with CVG, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli stated;
“We definitely want to make Crysis 3,” said Yerli. “I’m not making a formal announcement. We’d like to make Crysis 3 but the second game needs to be successful first. I will mention that there is a plan for how the fiction of Crysis should roll out, but again, it depends on the success of Crysis 2.

“If it doesn’t meet our goals, for whatever reason, and doesn’t even break even, then there may not be a Crysis 3. But if it sells anywhere near what Black Ops has, there may be more from Crysis.”
While touching on Crysis 3, and their plans for it, Yerli did say that Crytek has other shooters in the works.
“We have a bigger ability now to expand with more games,” he said. “As a company we can’t just make shooters, we need to breed genuinely new forms of entertainment and interactive experiences… The genre may not even exist yet for that matter, so what we’re keen on is games that offer new experiences for every moment the gamer plays.”
Crysis 2 is out on March 22 in the US and March 25 in the UK for the PS3, 360, and PC.