The Witcher 2 Premium Edition EB exclusive

Aussie gamers will be able to score an exclusive Witcher 2 Laser Mouse and Mouse pad when they pre-order the Premium Edition from an EB Games store.

It certainly looks like a sweet deal.

The Premium Edition includes:
  • Game DVD - The Witcher 2 on DVD. The absolute basics.

  • Making of - A new video about the game`s creation and all previously published trailers.

  • Soundtrack - Official soundtrack - a CD containing choice pieces of music from the game.

  • Map - Map of the game world. Ideal for pondering in candle light.

  • Game Guide - A guide to the game for all RPG fans.

  • Game Manual - Basic playing instructions, as well as game controls and settings in detail.

  • Pamphlet and coin - A special version of selected in-game items.

  • Papercraft - Two unique papercraft figures. Something for the collectors out there!

The Witcher 2 Premium Edition EB exclusive

With all this, combined with the exclusive laser mouse and mouse pad, it certainly looks like a great deal. I might just head down to my local EB Games store myself.